We are all contagious


May 20, 2020

We are all contagious

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I was able to document the early stage of this Pandemic through my lens. This series of photos were compiled into a very telling video that won a place at the UMass Dartmouth University Art Gallery in Massachusetts.

Juror, Nato Thompson, Artistic Director of Philadelphia Contemporary, selected 49 artworks created by 39 artists from an impressive pool of 745 submitted works of art. Their techniques range from photography, painting, conceptual art, fabric sculpture, digital illustration, drawing, video, to print on toilet paper.

2020 transformed all our lives with Coronavirus. In such a short time, our routine has been disrupted, and familiarity shifted. Our movement restricted. Our very existence has been challenged, not by a devastating nuclear war, not by a catastrophic asteroid impact nor a calamitous worldwide drought, but suddenly we face a life-threatening virus. And it is not even a living organism! Confirmed infection cases increased by many folds, and the mortality rate rises every single day. Read my full post at the College of Visual & Performing Arts UMass Dartmouth.



Raj Manickam

Raj Manickam

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