Welcome to this realm of my photography, where art embarks on a captivating journey through the intricate tapestry of visual arts and beyond. Join me in June of 2024 as we delve into a world where art intertwines with other forms of creative expression, presenting a seamless fusion that promises an unforgettable experience at Ars Nova’s Shared Visions concerts.

Holi, the colorful and playful festival celebrated in spring, holds deep significance in Hindu culture originated and is predominantly celebrated in the Indian subcontinent of India and Nepal. It has also spread to other regions of Asia and parts of the Western world through the Indian diaspora.

The maritime trade between Arabia and China goes back to the 8th century CE. Vibrant cosmopolitan ports exist in Zanzibar, Alexandria, Muscat, and Goa in India. Fast forward to the 15th century, the Turkish empire extended its trade from Morocco to the Indonesian Archipelago. For almost eight centuries, nutmeg and mace were supplied to Europe at outrageous prices by Arab merchants who dominated the cartel on spice trade and, indeed, by concealing their source, irritating to the crowns of Europe.

Colors of Life
Fall bring a whole new spectrum of colors to life. Autumn breeze and falling leaves paint nature so stunning that one just does not want it to end.

The sudden, and historic Marshal fire in Boulder County is by far the worst wildfire in Colorado. Details of the total unaccounted people are still not precise at this post. According to authorities, three people are missing and feared to have been killed. The 110 to 115 mph wind-driven fire a day before the new year of 2022 destroyed a total of 991 homes and businesses. Details are still being updated at BoulderOEM.com.

Pain is a signal in the nervous system indicating something isn’t right. It’s bothersome feeling such as a prick, a sting, a burning sensation, or an ache. Pain can be dull or sharp. It’s a discomfort. It can be intermittent, chronic or acute. The word ‘Peyn’ is believed to be first used in the 13th century from the Old French ‘peine,’ derived from the Latin ‘poena’ meaning “punishment, penalty” and that from Greek ποινή (poine), generally meaning “price paid.”

Roasted Chili – 
Jimmy Torres: Cultivating Tradition and Flavor Along Hwy 6 in Eagle, Colorado

Several artists were involved in this momentous and awe-inspiring project for Patrick Kipper’s final touches in the Patination process. The spectacular Hanuman, currently standing tall in front of the picturesque Rudraksha Forest backdrop at Kauai Hindu Monastery.

Farewell Fall – The Last Autumn Colors

Fall has always been an interesting time. In some way with mixed feelings. As summer slowly wanes and the evenings get cooler the inevitable autumn stakes its claim.

Late summer, in the absence of extreme cold morning freezes, nature bestows us with some stunning colors in fall. This year was that gift.
Vocabulary of Gestures – Mudras and More
These are photos taken at a nonprofit dance program in Denver. This collection of photos are converted into a mild sepia tone instead of color to highlight the expression and gestures of the dances which otherwise would have been a distraction. However, it must be stated here both the act of dancing and the artists were distinguishably colorful.

Bottles & Windows – Discover wisdom through the beauty of glass. Immerse yourself in captivating photos capturing the essence of old bottles from the 1900s, accompanied by thought-provoking quotes for contemplation. 

Skijoring at 10,152′ – Leadville Colorado
Skijoring is a Norwegian winter sport where a person on skis is pulled by a horse, a dog, a pack of dogs or even a motor vehicle. Equestrian skijoring consists of a team or a single horse with the rider pulling the person on skis hanging on to a tow rope similar to someone who is water skiing.
Daniel Marshall –
Meeting Daniel Marshall, one of Colorado’s most decorated watercolor artist was pure luck. Driving the quiet backroads of Route 6 parallel to the east bound highway I could not help but notice a painter facing the iconic red barn and stable in Wolcott, Colorado.
Monica Duran turns 15
There are many coming-of-age ceremonies across different cultures and traditions. I was notified at the eleventh hour my co-worker needed my help to substitute someone as a photographer for her younger sister’s Quinceañera. The person assigned to take photos fell sick from taking the COVID-19 vaccine.
Santosh Nuepane, the Roastmaster-Extraordinaire at Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea packs joy and gratitude in his daily grind to live up to his name. The name Santosh is “Satisfaction”, “Gratification” or “Happiness.” In South Indian languages, Santosh often implies happiness. In Sanskrit the word means contentment.

Photos here are just one part of the Leadville Boom Days in Colorado. It’s a unique mountain festival celebrating the historic old west of this town. The two-day activity is filled with gunslingers, burro races, contests of mining skills, street fairs, and craft booths. This year it was celebrated from August 2nd through the 4th.

The Making Of My Portrait – with the Photographic Alchemist
For several weeks I have been observing the movement of large antique signs slowly being shifted away from the iconic Battle Mountain Trading Post in Minturn, Colorado. Word was they were either selling the business or leasing the property.
Mandolin Man – Minturn’s Dave ‘Skipdog’ Andersen “Playing music outside here is sustainable,” said Dave Andersen, a long-time local artist. “I’ll make some videos and post them online,” he added. The current coronavirus stay-at-home order does not spare him and several local musicians.
Earthenware – A relationship with Clay
Tucked away behind a private drive in Kesang Tua, near my hometown of Melaka, Malaysia, is a humble pottery barn and kiln where an industrious couple and their entire extended family transform clay into earthenware and household pottery.

Salon des Refusés – My rejected photos but I am ever happy with them.

– 45 minutes downtown Denver
A short stop at downtown Denver. Street photography opportunities were plenty. The only exposure I have to Street Photography is reading about it.
Moon –  நிலா Nilā • Luna
The moon always remains full, regardless of what we see, reminding us to recognize our full potential.
The Lookout – ‘Bearely’ resting
s paying attention to something..

I appreciate Bharatanatyam for its grace and purest form of expression. “Dance is one of the highest form of love offering and worship.” I heard that from my Satguru, Sivaya Subramuniyaswami— a dancer Himself. 

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