Abstract Photography


Fall – Intentional Camera Movement. Subtle pinks, golden yellow, and green hues paint a watercolor mood in the woods. With all Intention.. More ICM photos here.


Light, darkness, and the spectrum in between. Read the essay here.

From The Ground Up


Juniper’s Last Gasp

This is an in-camera overlay. The dead Juniper tree photo was taken at Colorado National Monument, and the Recycle photo was taken at a Landfill. Both merged to tell a story. This photo has been exhibited in several galleries in the country and has also been an award winner.

Photo Description: The Juniper trees thrive in the most inhospitable conditions. Junipers will withstand bone-chilling cold temperatures, scorching heat, intense winds, and with very little water. Enduring all challenges, even the indomitable Juniper will perish if we pollute indiscriminately. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.



Dendritic Passage

Image Description: A tree? Shadow of a tree? Dendritic patterns are the most common and widespread form on earth yet the most overlooked. Tree branches, roots, the geology of slope terrain, river channels, and more. This is a photo taken at a frozen pond where the autumn leaves fell to blend onto this drainage flow. We tend to overlook many things in life even when they are so obvious. Read more here.



The world, in so many ways, is vulnerable and perilous. I blew this soap bubble that turned frozen on a frigid morning and took a shot of a symbolic depiction of our predicament. It is not the cold, the globe is warming.


This is a photo of a lens flare taken from within my car at a traffic stop when it was raining. I call this work ’Festivity.’

Eucalyptus Art


Fall Effluence

Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) on a colony of Aspen trees. More ICM photos here.

Door of Opportunity

When the door is open, walk through they say. We all encounter these many times in our lives. The question is, do we confidently walkthrough or hesitate?

Intentional Camera Movement on Skies


Aum in Good Light


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