Art Photography

Rugged West

Chains, logs, and grit at the old barn.

Thin Thread

We are forced to walk precariously on a thin thread in this Pandemic, and more so in the Infodemic.

Water, Fire, Freeze

The reflection of the sun on the mountains and the spring runoff and remaining winter freeze was a refreshing scene at Grizzly Creek, Colorado 

Fishing ‘in the clouds’

The quiet outwitter take his chances with the trout at Black Lake just below 10,000 feet above sea level at the height of Vail Pass in Colorado.

“Turn Around!”

I was once told, “just when you think you are done at a shoot, and about the leave, turn around and see the other side.” This photo was exactly that. All I did before was to take other photos in front of me. When I turned around, this was the scene!

Snow-covered Butterscotch

The Ponderosa Pines along the foothills of the mountains were blanketed with fresh snow. Their tall, straight, thick trunks, rusty-orange bark will still emanate scents of vanilla or butterscotch if one stands close enough.

Golden Hour Creek

Walking along the tiny wooded walking path across the stream, I stopped and almost went on my belly, contracting the tripod to its lowest height to take this image between the vista of the gently swaying grasses.   


This minimalist depiction puts man back in their pace and place. Nature is bigger in many ways.

Charting the path

The road less taken. Off the beaten path. Carving one’s own journey. These are the examples leaders paved and identified the way forward for others.

Black Bird and The Angry Sun

Wildland fires are more rampant every year. Many are human-caused out of carelessness and ignorance. There are things you cannot control, and there are things you can. I share the photo essay here with untitled images.

Reed Reflection


Cloud Software


Freedom Night

This is one of my most memorable photos. This is art. Read the story here.

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