March 6, 2024

In the hush of a winter’s walk,
My glove fell silent in the snow’s soft talk,
One stayed behind where I had thought,
As I journeyed on, heedless, unsought.

By the river’s edge, where light does play,
In hopes to capture some fleeting ray,
Unnoticed, my lost glove lay astray,
Yet onward I trod, without delay.

My camera, indifferent to the mundane,
Captured not the glove, lost in vain,
Amongst a landscape of rocks, exposed,
And pebbles, polished, almost imposed.

But the chill crept in, my hands did feel,
A gentle reminder, a cold appeal,
To turn back, retrieve what I had cast,
Yet still, I journeyed on, my pace steadfast.

At the car, as I shed my coat’s embrace,
A solitary glove revealed its place,
The other, lost in the river’s bend,
Between where I began and where I’d end.

Not a costly glove, nor does it shield,
Against winter’s harshness, it cannot yield,
But what was dropped, what was left behind,
Left one glove orphaned, one to find.

So back I retraced, through fresh snow’s track,
To reclaim what I had let slip, lost, and lack,
A single black object against the white expanse,
Restored to me in a silent dance.

As I stooped low, to lift it from the ground,
Leaving behind a mark, a trace profound,
The lost glove found, in quiet reprieve,
In the silent solace of a winter’s eve.

Sangre de Cristo Art Center Exhibit 2022

I am pleased to announce my exhibit at The Sangre de Cristo Arts Center in Pueblo, Colorado in the in the King Gallery on January 22 through May 7, 2022. This is collective exhibit featuring Photo Pensato with my fellow artists with various styles and techniques. The group is inspired to create images that reflect our unique and personal perspectives. Eight artist including Ron Johnson, Stephen Podrasky, John Shelton, Linda Little, James Montague, Michael Trupiano, Aimee McCrory and Raj Manickam will showcase our works of fine photography.


Sangre de Cristo Arts Center is located at 210 N. Santa Fe Ave. Pueblo, CO 81003 | 719.295.7200

The press release for the exhibit is downloadable here.

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