May 11, 2024

RedCliff Bridge - Aurora Borealis


I take photos because I can’t ‘not take’ photos that speak to me. I don’t shoot to satisfy art critics or to please others. Each photo I make is an outcome of my keen observation—a way to capture and hold onto moments that leave a lasting impression on me. These aren’t ordinary moments; they’re powerful and telling. I’m compelled to capture them, not just to preserve memories, but to express the deeper stories they embody. Each freeze-frame is more than a picture; it’s a narrative captured in time.

Sangre de Cristo Art Center Exhibit 2022

I am pleased to announce my exhibit at The Sangre de Cristo Arts Center in Pueblo, Colorado in the in the King Gallery on January 22 through May 7, 2022. This is collective exhibit featuring Photo Pensato with my fellow artists with various styles and techniques. The group is inspired to create images that reflect our unique and personal perspectives. Eight artist including Ron Johnson, Stephen Podrasky, John Shelton, Linda Little, James Montague, Michael Trupiano, Aimee McCrory and Raj Manickam will showcase our works of fine photography.


Sangre de Cristo Arts Center is located at 210 N. Santa Fe Ave. Pueblo, CO 81003 | 719.295.7200

The press release for the exhibit is downloadable here.

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