Canvas and Curry – an evening of Fine Art and Cuisine

Canvas and Curry – an evening of Fine Art and Cuisine

Canvas & Curry – An Evening of Fine Art & Indian Food

Indulge in the rich flavors of South India at Larissa Wild Fine Art in Gypsum! Immerse yourself in an enchanting evening where the Spice Route blends seamlessly with artistic expression. Experience curated art collections by Raj Manickam, complemented by a delightful buffet-style dinner crafted by Happy Valley Kitchen.

This body of work, ‘State of the Spices,’ was exhibited in History Colorado, Denver, for a year and will soon move to Sangre de Cristo Art Gallery and Convention Center in Pueblo, CO.



Avon Exhibition

The month of July will again showcase my ‘Wonder in the Woods series with some new editions. It will still be in line with the Colorado Aspen and some Pine trees. However,  I have been working on taking different Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) photos of reeds, grasses, and also overgrowth in the fields. Soon there will be a separate showcase of my ICM Images. I enjoy the abstract colors of nature that bring serenity from the soft tones. I may announce an opening day rec


Night Lights Denver showing Juniper’s Last Gasp

The Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC) presents a curated outdoor exhibition that will be digitally projected on the Daniels & Fisher Tower as part of Night Lights Denver during the 2023 Month of Photography Festival. Curator: Samantha Johnston, CPAC Executive Director & Curator.

Juniper’s Last Gasp was accepted to be projected on the building. Seeing the photo across several building levels gives this story much-needed exposure. Read about Juniper’s Last Gasp and its message to all of us on the dire need to care for our environment and nature.

Special thanks to The Denver Theatre District and Night Lights Denver for making this exhibition possible and supporting the 2023 Month of Photography Denver festival.

Immortalized: Lens & Light

Ron Johnson, Russell Ward, Raj Manickam, John SheltonImmortalized: Lens & Light

February 23 – April 1, 2023 

Center for the Arts Evergreen

Artists have used glass to create art for centuries. Estimates say that glass lasts longer than 1 million years—an almost infinite amount of time in human history.

This is a collective participation with Photo Pensato. I had five entries of my work from Street and Spirituality.

Immortalized: Lens & Light explores how artists create with glass and glass lenses—stained, fused, mosaic, and fine art photography—to celebrate and commemorate people, cultures, or moments in time. This contrasting exhibition includes the work of glass artists Trudy Chiddix, Maria Sheets, and Susan Wechsler and Photo Pensato Collective photographers Thomas Carr, Ron Johnson, Raj Manickam, Stephen Podrasky, Ward Russell, John Shelton, and Michael Trupiano.

The exhibition will run through Saturday, April 1, 2023, and is free to the public, thanks partly to SCFD, Colorado Creative Industries, and exhibition sponsors Mountain Home Evergreen, Alexa Interiors, and Pandora John Properties.

Center for the Arts Evergreen website:

Long Live Cowboys – Exhibit at Sangre de Cristo

PHOTO PENSATO EXHIBITION | 01.06.23 – 04.01.23

A creative group of photographers, Photo Pensato, brings their unique lens back to the Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center. Artists participating in the Photo Pensato exhibit are Thomas Carr, Ron Johnson, Linda Little, Raj Manickam, Jim Montague, Stephen Podrasky, Ward Russell, and John Shelton.

Photo Pensato will be exhibiting in the Regional and Hoag galleries beginning January 6th and continuing through April 1st. The opening will be on Friday, January 6th, in conjunction with First Friday activities. There will also be an artist talk on Saturday, January 7, from 11 a.m. to noon. The exhibit will showcase fine art photography with traditional and contemporary themes featuring landscape, abstract, portrait, and still life.

My contribution to this Photo Pensato collective is showcasing ‘Long Live Cowboys.’ Rodeos and their origins.

The photo story is here:


Long Live Cowboys

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